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Investing in the Future of Law Enforcement

ROCHESTER, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 12, 2016 / Policing this country has become more and more difficult in the digital age. Phone cameras have made it easy for bystanders to frame the discussion how they see fit. This has caused uproar on both sides of the law, and created a major need for a solution to this problem.

The solution: body cameras.

Municipalities around the country are mandating this wearable technology as insurance against lawsuits and civil unrest. Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton along with several other politicians have said that they would like to see a body camera on every officer throughout the country.

The police body camera protects both the citizens and the officers. By providing a first hand account it will remove a lot of the grey area controversy has lived in, in the past.

Demand for police to wear the cameras have increased across the country

– “Law enforcement agencies around the country should buy body cameras for their officers” about US Senator, Tim Scott
– President Obama has proposed a three-year spending package worth an estimated $263 million.
– The Justice Department announced funding for an on-body camera pilot program.
– “This body-worn camera pilot program is a vital part of the Justice Department’s comprehensive efforts to equip law enforcement agencies throughout the country with the tools, support, and training they need to tackle the 21st century challenges we face,” about US Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch.

While the body camera can be seen as the holy grail of fair policing, some are unhappy with the price model which brings an unnecessary burden on these cash strapped municipalities.

In fact, many of the 18000 state and local departments simply can’t afford them.

And that’s where Direct View Holdings Inc, (DIRV) comes in.

DIRV is a well established revenue producing security company that provides services to the likes of the New York City Police Department, United States Postal Service (USPS) Trump Heliny Helicopter Services, Hilton Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, European School of Economics, DelMonte, AT&T, Sprint and others.

DIRV has entered into the body camera market and looks uniquely positioned to beat out the competition. “We know this business, and our relationship with manufacturers will allow us to produce these cameras for less than most of our competition, and that’s our model. Come in at a lower price than our competitors. Because it’s not about gouging these cities and towns for every dime possible, but about providing an affordable solution that will lead to more business down the road.” said DIRV CEO Roger Ralston.

Currently, DIRV is set to kick off pilot programs in multiple cities after the 1st of the year. “We just started reaching out to departments to gauge interest in our cameras and the feedback has been amazing. We already have 20 departments prepared to do a test run.” DIRV plans to add several more departments to its first quarter pilot program.

While body camera producers such as TASER International, Inc. (TASR) and Digital Ally Inc. (NASDAQ:DGLY) already have their cameras worked into the stock price; DIRV is just getting started, and should be able to generate significant revenue despite being late to the ‘party’ based on their low cost model. Making for a market opportunity investors anticipating DIRV’s success should take advantage of.

The company also currently generates revenue from its security systems, and could quickly become a household name among investors bullish on the security industry as success in the body-worn-camera market would only increase their brand’s reach.

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