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How Video Surveillance has Changed North American Culture

Video surveillance and security operations have become increasingly prevalent in North America. However, these practices and technologies have influenced American culture. There continues to be heated debate surrounding the complex issues of privacy and surveillance. We take a look at the ways the latest surveillance technology has been incorporated into society and the general public’s response to the visible and discreet security technologies.

The transformation in technology

The fast pace of life in North America has led to greater reliance on media and technology to communicate, monitor and engage with each other. Most people have become so engrossed in technology that their lives would be radically different without it. The difficulties surrounding tech is the tricky balance of beneficial and when it becomes a hindrance.

Technology has moved away from the high level of visible policing to the incorporation of cameras at every major traffic intersections and surveillance posts overlooking highways, public streets and entire communities. It’s easy to spot video surveillance upon entering any local store, more often than not, a single camera and device are installed in corners along the perimeter. With the wide zoom and tilt motion to the IP camera, these technologies play a significant role in modern life and catching everyday occurances on tape.

Changing attitudes towards technology

Surveillance system at the local malls and gas stations are widely accepted as part of business practice. The scope has widened to include other areas like public streets, houses and general communities who are becoming subject to these surveillance cameras and footage can include some unhappy individuals. This fuels the debate surrounding video surveillance technology and the fine line between it being a help or a nuisance.

For those who take pride in their privacy, having full view of a camera installed in a public area or in your neighbor’s front yard may seem intrusive. While many homeowners have moved towards video surveillance for security as a practical solution, many people feel their right to privacy has been diminished. Fortunately, when video surveillance is properly installed, it can prove exceptionally beneficial without having to make another member of the public feel constantly observed or as having lost their privacy. Professionalism is key when personal or community safety is at stake.

Benefits of video surveillance

In criminal prone areas and public spaces, communities welcome the inclusion of video surveillance. Research has shown the proper installation of cameras and its sound recording practices can support minimized criminal activity. It acts as a deterrent for would-be criminals and in such instances, is received with much positivity. Like many new technologies, professionals working with the community towards a proper installation strategy is key to everyone feeling respected and safe.

Where do we go from here?

North Americans have become security focused in many ways, which has also provided a sense of security where video surveillance is ongoing. Ensuring cameras are available to film designated areas provides peace of mind where regular criminal activity takes place. Modern videos deliver exceptional clarity, color and accuracy when detecting criminals and detering minor crimes.

Increasing terror attacks and escalating officer brutality makes the availability of video surveillance more readily supported and encouraged by the public. It provides exceptional solutions for the protection and safeguarding of residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

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