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COPsync Evaluates Body-Worn Cameras

DALLAS, Sept. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — COPsync, Inc. (COYN), announced today that the Company plans to become a reseller of body-worn cameras. COPsync currently manufactures and sells VidTac™, a software-driven, in-car, law enforcement video system. The Company plans for the video footage captured by the body-worn camera it selects to be integrated with the video footage captured by the VidTac in-car video system.

The VidTac video system software operates on the in-vehicle computers used by patrol officers, rather than the separate hardware device used by traditional hardware-centric video systems. This enables the VidTac system to be sold at significantly lower prices.

Ronald A. Woessner, CEO of COPsync commented, “A third party body-worn camera is a natural extension of the Company’s in-car law enforcement video system. Offering a third-party body camera enables COPsync to participate in this growing market without incurring any material development expense. These body-worn cameras can be sold to the Company’s current installed base of approximately 670 law enforcement agencies in 14 states.”

Cameras from several companies are already currently under consideration. These companies include Direct View Video Technologies (DIRV) and Safety Vision. The company also wants to consider cameras from HauteSpot Networks, Taser International and Digital Ally. Other vendors are invited to participate as well. The Company plans to issue formal Requests for Proposal in the near-term.

About COPsync, Inc.

COPsync, Inc. (COYN) is a technology company that connects law enforcement officers across the nation, so they can communicate and share mission-critical information in real-time. This saves officers’ lives and keeps the public safer; helps law enforcement officers catch common criminals and stop child kidnappings, vehicle thefts, bank robberies and other crimes in progress; and arms the nation’s law enforcement officers with needed information so they can help defend against terrorism. The Company currently manufactures VidTac, a software-driven, in-car law enforcement video system. For more information, go to


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