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DirectView Body Camera System with xMax

State-of-the-Art Wearable Cameras

The recent string of high-profile law enforcement incidents has focused national attention on the need to equip public safety and police officers with body-worn cameras. These devices are seen as important tools for improving officer safety, transparency, community relations and accountability during policing activities.

xG Technology, the leader in private, secure, high-performance wireless networks, has teamed up with video and security integrator DirectView to offer the first integrated body-worn camera capable of providing real-time situational awareness.

The DirectView Body Camera System with xMax includes the DirectView Body-Worn Camera, a unit that incorporates stateof- the-art functionality with features like Bluetooth®, WiFi, GPS, push-to-talk, multi-user video and imbedded biometric access. xG provides the DirectView camera pre-integrated with xMax, xG’s rapid-rollout, turnkey mobile communications infrastructure that is the ideal wireless network for assuring seamless video connections.

Unlike traditional wireless systems, xMax delivers highly-secure, always-available communications that support live, high-reliability streaming video transmissions. This solution enables real-time situational awareness that is essential to mission success. In addition to law enforcement, the the DirectView Body Camera System with xMax has applications in the military, government, education and real estate sectors.

xMax has been engineered to provide exceptional resiliency and redundancy in unpredictable environments and during fluid and chaotic situations. It provides a public safety-grade data communications platform that is FirstNet-ready and has been field-tested in demanding military environments.

xMax has the flexibility to be configured either solely as a video transmission layer, as a complete private first responder communications network, or as a disaster response/recovery system to provide fill-in coverage when public cellular systems become congested or inaccessible.

Some of the key features of the xMax system are:

  • High-capacity, high-availability fixed and mobile voice, data and video services;
  • An all-IP design supporting existing law enforcement and and public safety devices, applications and functions;
  • Ability to leverage all legacy and commercial cellular networks without depending on them;
    Private, dedicated network with active interference mitigation technology that makes the system resistant to being jammed or hacked.

xMax was created from the ground up to deliver anywhere-anytime communications that perform in the most demanding crisis situations. It adds a superior level of survivability and redundancy that provide continuity of operations – an acute requirement in first responder communications. xMax fills in the gaps in coverage and capabilities that are inherent in the design of traditional systems. xMax also supports multiple backhaul connection options, including SATCOM, PTP wireless and microwave.


xMax creates an end-to-end, IP transport layer that allows teams to connect using any commercially available, WiFi-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets, video cameras and unmanned sensors. This is critical when multiple-agency response and a wide variety of communications gear is involved. xMax also interconnects easily with LTE, GSM, CDMA and P25 systems and can serve as a complementary system to FirstNet, providing a crucial extra layer of voice and data reliability. xMax integrates seamlessly with third-party solutions that allow quick-setup interoperability networks on which first responders can communicate with each other using their own equipment. This equipment can include phones, various types of radios or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) devices.

xG Technology also offers an optional mobile team-collaboration tool that provides first responders with a common operating platform, which allows them to plan, communicate and act more quickly, safely and effectively during critical incidents as well as daily operations. The tool includes the following key functions:

  • Interactive whiteboarding on images & maps
  • Mapping and personnel tracking
  • Team roster and status
  • IP Video feeds to any client
  • Digital situation reports & forms
  • File sharing: Photos, PDFs, Office Docs, Floor plans, videos
  • Text messaging (point-to-point & group)
  • After-action reporting

xMax delivers a private high-speed voice and data network that goes beyond “priority access” and delivers “private access,” meaning it is only accessible by emergency response teams. Unlike the public cellular network, there is no contention for airwaves on the part of first responders. There are also no commercially available radios sharing the system, so private communications remain private. xG’s patented, multi-layered interference mitigation technology makes xMax difficult to jam or hack. xMax also supports encryption via FIPS140-2 compliance.

xMax ensures seamless and secure mobility by making available support for application session persistence to overcome variations in field connectivity, as well as roaming to almost all public and private networks available (including LANs, hotspots, carrier and private radio). This ensures uninterrupted network availability and a predictable data transfer and application experience for public safety personnel.

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