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    About Our Company

    Our goal at DirectView is to provide you with the most up-to-date, cost effective and easily managed security solutions on the market. In business since 1995, DirectView has become one of the fastest growing companies in the security industry by providing you with the most advanced hardware technology, cutting edge security applications, and unparalleled customer support.

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    Mission Statement

    At DirectView Security, our only goal is to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your investments and assets are completely protected and secure by designing a customized security program that perfectly fits your needs. We are publicly traded as DIRV

 Our consultants will work with you to analyze what your security needs are and to determine what products work best for you. Whether a retail store, a residential high rise building, a warehouse, a hotel, a financial institution or an airport, our highly trained experts will help you determine what you need to protect and the best way to successfully accomplish that goal.
 Once we have determined what your requirements are, we work with you to design the optimum system to address those requirements. Whether it be access control, perimeter monitoring, video surveillance, or just an upgrade of your existing system, Direct View will make sure you have the right products for all your security applications.
  Upon installation, our support group will continue to work with you until the system is up and running and is operating to your expectations and requirements. We will make sure your people are trained to understand and operate the system effectively. And we will continue to work with you as updates for your hardware and software become available to make sure your system is always up-to-date.
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    DirectView specializes in video surveillance/security solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial sites supporting the hospitality industry, office buildings, manufacturing/warehousing, retail stores, as well as the rapidly emerging cannabis industry.

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    DirectView Supports


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DirectView is publicly traded as DIRV

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    Market / Industries

    DirectView has extensive experience supporting the hospitality industry, retail, office buildings/complexes, apartment/condominium buildings, cannabis dispensaries, retail, and cultivation sites, and manufacturing/warehouse locations.

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    DirectView offers a full line of camera hardware including IP cameras, thermal cameras, analog CCTV, covert/hidden cameras, and custom color cameras.

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    Access Control

    DirectView access control systems electronically gives you total control of who has access to your facilities either on-site or from a remote location.

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    Perimeter Security

    The DirectView perimeter security systems immediately alerts you to potential or actual intrusion on your facilities using motion detection and/or fence-mounted alert systems to protect your location.

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    Video Recognition

    In addition to providing static imaging recognition, DirectView also has developed a series of systems based on video streaming technology utilizing an advanced, highly productive video stream recognition engine.

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    Turnstile Security

    We offer a series of turnstile security solutions featuring everything from waist-high, walk-through scanners to full size gate entry systems which we also support with full installation and integration with your existing security measures.

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    Home & Building Automation

    DirectView now offers remote access systems that give you offsite control over many functions including locking/unlocking doors; turning appliances on and off; and changing the levels on your HVAC system.

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    Video Conferencing

    DirectView began as a video conferencing company almost 20 years ago which gives us the know how and experience to support all your video conferencing requirements.

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    Other Services

    DirectView offers a full range of additional services including custom designed platforms, complete installation, management/monitoring of your system, alarm and live video monitoring, and full ongoing customer support.